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What are Your Employees Texting to Your Customers?

In today’s social-crazy, tech-focused economy, online reviews help businesses reach more customers, grow their industry reputation, and close more business. More than 81% of customers use reviews as the first step in making a buying decision, making online reviews as […]

Using Gamification to Track Employee Performance

For most business owners, managing and understanding employee performance can be a bit tricky. While everyone is well aware of the responsibilities and day-to-day focus of their role, determining stellar performance is hard. While the Kenect platform delivers a unique […]

How Reviews Help You Achieve Better SEO and Google Ranking

Online reviews are great for a lot of things. They can help influence customer purchase decisions, grow your reputation in the marketplace, and increase repeat customer visits. Additionally, they’re quickly becoming one of the most important retail marketing channels out […]

How Online Reviews Generate More Revenue for Your Business

As a small business owner, you already know how influential word-of-mouth marketing can be. After all, in the world of small business, competition is fierce and every good word counts. The same goes for online reviews. As word-of-mouth marketing shifts […]

Online Reviews = The New Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Think about your consumer habits and the last time you purchased something either online or in a store. What are the chances you looked up reviews for this product or service before you made your purchase? If you’re like 88% […]