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Can I Send Text Messages From My Landline?

If your business isn’t already on the text train, it’s time to hop aboard. A more personal form of communication than email or even phone, texting allows brands to communicate with customers in real-time without worry about spam, voicemail, or […]

Using Gamification to Track Employee Performance

For most business owners, managing and understanding employee performance can be a bit tricky. While everyone is well aware of the responsibilities and day-to-day focus of their role, determining stellar performance is hard. While the Kenect platform delivers a unique […]

Trust Us, Email For Your Business is Dead.

Yes, you read that right: email is dead. It might come as a bit of a shock, but it’s true. Email open rates currently sit around 20%, and this number is steadily declining. When one starts thinking of this phenomenon […]

Stop Playing Phone Tag, Start Business Texting

Picture the last time you tried to communicate and engage with a customer of your business. We’re betting it involved a great in-person conversation, followed by multiple phone calls on your end, with either zero or minimal response from them. […]

How Text Messaging Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

There’s more to a loyal customer base than a great product. In today’s fast-paced world, an engaging customer experience can be as important as the product or service itself. And good communication can make the difference between a neutral customer […]

Why Your Competitors Text Their Customers

It’s never been easier for customers to get in touch with the brands they do business with. And when businesses make contact even easier, it pays off: a study by Aberdeen Group shows that companies offering a consistent customer experience […]

5 Ways Texting is Changing Small Business

Business texting is a relatively new addition to the small business marketers handbook, but it has quickly become one of the most important tools on the market today. Thanks to an incredible growth in cellphone reliance, it’s nearly impossible to […]