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Best Practices for Templatizing Text Responses to Customers

If you’re working in customer service, you’ve probably heard a thing or two. You’ve probably heard these same things over and over (and over). This is because when it comes to frequently asked questions, they’re ‘frequent’ for a reason. Depending […]

A Business Texting Primer for the Small Business Owner

The way businesses of all sizes are communicating with customers is changing. In a similar way that the digital revolution displaced phone calls with emails, the mobile revolution currently taking place in retail and other industries has replaced emails with […]

Increase Your Open Rates by Replacing Email with Text Messaging

If you’re like most B2C businesses, you’re probably using email to attract and engage consumers. Whether you’re sending mass marketing emails, promotional newsletters, or one-off emails to specific customers, these messages have a high likelihood of landing in an already […]

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction Through Text Messaging

As digital tools continue to change the way businesses communicate and engage with consumers, B2C marketers are on the hunt for the next ‘big thing’ to break through this noise. Thanks to a growing cultural dependency on smartphones, business SMS […]

Get 260% More Inbound Leads with Inbound Texting

The digital age has given us quite a bit in terms of consumer technology. From online shopping to two-day delivery, modern consumers have become accustomed to on-demand services that make their lives easier. Unfortunately for brands, this means that many […]

Can You Maintain a Personal Customer Relationship Over Text?

As a business owner, you’ve probably been in this scenario plenty of times. You spend days, months, or even years building up a personal connection with a customer. Between repeat visits to your store and various points of contact for […]

Do You Have a Text Messaging Game Plan for Your Business?

It’s no surprise why consumers prefer texting with businesses as opposed to phone calls and emails. They aren’t blatant sales messages like emails, they don’t clog up voicemails like phone calls, and they mimic the conversational tone of personal communication. […]