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How to Text Customers During COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed both the way you should communicate with your customers and the urgency to communicate with them. The best way to do this is via text. Business texting is critical right now.   Here are a few writing tips […]

How to Get Customers to Text You

There are plenty of reasons modern consumers prefer texting with brands over receiving emails and/or phone calls. From the easy-to-manage messages to the more personalized tone that comes naturally via text, consumers are actively looking for brands to communicate with […]

4 Ways to Get Your Customers to Leave Reviews

In today’s modern consumer environment, reviews matter. Today’s consumers are doing more research during the buying process than ever before, and this research doesn’t just stop at product descriptions or online photographs. Consumers treat online reviews like a new form […]

What to Look for When Evaluating Business Texting Services

In the world of B2C communications, there are always tiers of adopters. When it comes to texting with customers, more and more brands and industries caught on until the channel has become a must for many brands looking to engage […]

What’s the Difference Between MMS and SMS?

If you’re like most B2C brands, 2020 is shaping up to be a year of digital innovation and exploration. During your research, you’ve probably come across the benefits of text messaging and engaging with customers via modern channels. But some […]

Turning Customers into Fans Through Text Messaging

Using text messages to engage with consumers has a myriad of benefits for brands, including higher response rates and increased customer loyalty. But what about the benefits texting can have for consumers themselves? That’s right – leveraging SMS messages to […]

What is Smishing? Don’t Be a Victim of Texting Scams

Don’t let the silly word in the headline fool you – Smishing is no laughing matter. A mashup of ‘SMS Phishing’, Smishing has become a top concern for many brands as they have branched out into new, expanded channels to […]

How to Win at Text Marketing in 2020

Over the past few years (and, in fact, the past decade or so), B2C marketing has steadily shifted towards a digital-first enterprise. Instead of billboards and radio advertisements, the focus instead has been on email, digital ads, and social media.  […]