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Do You Have a Text Messaging Game Plan for Your Business?

It’s no surprise why consumers prefer texting with businesses as opposed to phone calls and emails. They aren’t blatant sales messages like emails, they don’t clog up voicemails like phone calls, and they mimic the conversational tone of personal communication. […]

How Business Texting Saves Time & Money

For most of today’s B2C businesses, facilitating strong relationships with customers (both prospective and current) is key to running a successful company. Today’s consumers expect personalized, engaging connections with the brands and businesses that they invest their time and money […]

How Texting Capabilities Can Help Your Business Grow Revenue

When you think of the number one reason that texting has taken over the B2C world as a direct-to-consumer engagement channel, you’re probably thinking of real-time communication. After all, while traditional channels like email and phone calls work, modern consumers […]

How to Respond to Negative Online Reviews

There’s no denying that online reviews are now one of the largest drivers of new business for small and medium-sized businesses. More than 81% of consumers use reviews as the first step when making a buying decision, and this number […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Texting with Customers

In the past few years, leveraging SMS text capabilities to communicate with customers has become a top strategy for brands looking to engage with both new and returning customers. From B2B organizations texting with marketing contacts to B2C companies communicating […]

Easily Communicate with Customers Through Facebook Messenger

Today’s consumers are a social audience. We want to be connected, engaged, and in-the-know – even when we’re on the go. We crave interactions with others so much that we’ll even look for them online. This need for a social connection […]

What are Your Employees Texting to Your Customers?

In today’s social-crazy, tech-focused economy, online reviews help businesses reach more customers, grow their industry reputation, and close more business. More than 81% of customers use reviews as the first step in making a buying decision, making online reviews as […]

Can I Send Text Messages From My Landline?

If your business isn’t already on the text train, it’s time to hop aboard. A more personal form of communication than email or even phone, texting allows brands to communicate with customers in real-time without worry about spam, voicemail, or […]